2018 Gamma Chapter Executive Board


   Chapter President

Jeff Morris

E: Morris.1430@osu.edu



Vice President of Finance

Ryan Beard

E: Beard.235@osu.edu

Vice President

TJ Waterkotte

E: Waterkotte.1@osu.edu


Vice President of Membership Development

Dave Wilson

E: Wilson.3334@osu.edu



Chapter Secretary

Oliver Hesmondhalgh

E: Hesmondhalgh.1@osu.edu


Spring 2018 Gamma Chapter Chairmen


Recruitment Chairman

David Belfance

E: Belfance.1@osu.edu


Social Chairman

Curtis Isaacson

E: Isaacson.32@osu.edu



Membership Orientation Officer

Drew Cooper

E: Cooper.2304@osu.edu


Professional Development Chairman

Joshua Kahn

E: Kahn.128@osu.edu


Historian Chairman

Jimmy Smith

E: Smith.11124@osu.edu


Community Outreach Chairman

Patrick Saline

E: Saline.1@osu.edu


House Manager

Zach Phillips

E: Phillips.1512@osu.edu

Philanthropy Chairman

Adam Whitehead

E: Whitehead.155@osu.edu


Alumni Relations Chairmen

Aaron Oswald and Alex Schneider

E: Oswald.98@osu.edu

E: Schneider.928@osu.edu


Risk Management Chairman

Neil Parekh

E: Parekh.70@osu.edu


Scholarship Chairman

Patrick Durkin

E: Durkin.70@osu.edu


Maxwell Chairman

Adam Whitehead

E: Whitehead.155@osu.edu


Event Logistics Chairman

Jake Severyn

E: Severyn.12@osu.edu

 Service Chairman

Anthony Andrews

E: Andrews.586@osu.edu


Pumpkin Sale Chairman

Frank Moskal

E: Moskal.16@osu.edu



Brotherhood Chairman

Josh Krassenstein

E: Krassenstein.2@osu.edu


Intramural Chairman

Josh Krassenstein

E: Krassenstein.2@osu.edu


Social Media Chairman

Bradley Haupt

E: Haupt.48@osu.edu


Graphic Design Chairman

Nick Pentony

E: Pentony.3@osu.edu 


Sargent at Arms

Nathan King

E: King.2216@osu.edu


Looking for Someone Else in Our Fraternity?

Contact Chapter Secretary Oliver Hesmondhalgh (Contact Information Presented Above) for Details



The Phi Kappa Tau House is conveniently located just off of The Ohio State campus on the corner of 15th Ave. and Indianola Ave.